System Design

US Conveyor is a company with many industry leading qualities, but our TRUE STRENGTH lies in our ability to properly design your recycling system. We have over 100 years of combined experienced and have worked with just about every supplier in the industry. We know the design details that make great equipment operate even better – even if the proposed site has limited space. We have seen it all and are ready to design a system that meets, and hopefully exceeds, your expectations.

  • In-house Engineering Department Dedicated to Custom Design of Each System
  • Laser Scanning Abilities for Precise System Upgrades
  • 3D Design Software for Better Conceptual Design Discussions
  • Aerial Photography of Outdoor Systems is Available
  • 3D Printing Services Used to Prototype New Equipment

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Shredder Infeeds

Today’s shredders demand more material. US Conveyor Technologies MFG, Inc., has infeed conveyors built to meet that task. Low maintenance and high durability sets our feed system above the rest. The U.S. Conveyor infeed is the heaviest in the industry for maximum scrap handling capabilities.

  • Lengths up to 200 Ft.
  • 96″ – 104″ Effective Skirt Widths
  • D-4 Segmented Chain Sprockets
  • D-4 Chain Assemblies
  • D-4 Series Chain Idler Rollers
  • High Tensile Chain Bolts
  • Hydraulic Drive Options
  • Mechanical Drive Options
  • Caterpillar & Berco Options
  • Flat Grouser or Rooster Flight
  • Sizes from 40-350 ton per hour
  • Tubular Frame Construction
  • Speeds up to 150 FPM
  • 104″ – 112″ Cat D-4 Track Flights
  • Pre-Assembled in Shop
  • 8 – 12 Week Delivery Periods
  • Lifter Bar on 20 Ft. Carriages
  • (4) Rail Impact Bed Tail Section
  • Support Towers & Platforms
  • Ships Worldwide

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Belt Conveyors

US Conveyor has a wide variety of belt conveyor types and styles for every application. Whether you need a rugged radial stacker after a shear or a low tonnage ASR stacking conveyor, we have you covered. And if none of our machines meet your specific need, we will design one that will. We are fanatical about selling the correct conveyor to get the job done correctly. There is no such thing as a one conveyor type fits all in the scrap industry.

  • Belt Widths up to 8′ Wide
  • Troughing, Flat Roller, & Slider Designs
  • Fixed or Radial Support Systems
  • Deep Channel Frame Construction
  • CEMA Rated Idler Assemblies
  • Heavy-Duty Pulley Assemblies
  • Belt Cleaner & Scrapers
  • Magnetic Pulley Assemblies
  • Walkways & Service Platforms
  • Hopper & Side Skirt Options
  • Variable Drive Options

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Vibratory Conveyors

All of U.S. Conveyor’s vibratory machines are custom built to provide exceptional dispersion over the deck while providing smooth and reliable operation. US Conveyor’s, machines are the heaviest in the industry for many years of material handling with very low maintenance. Applications include shear take-away, undermill, sorting and picking, batch feeders and metering, plus many others. These machines are engineered to be extremely versatile with a variety of products.

  • Severe Duty Construction
  • Coil & Rubber Springs   Options
  • Rotary Electric Drives
  • Eccentric Oscillator Drive
  • Heavy-Duty Rocker Arm Assemblies
  • Optional Loading Hoppers
  • Variable Speed Controls

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Batch Feeders

US Conveyor far exceeds the competition with its industry proven Batch Feeding Systems. We have gone through years of research and development to bring you batch feeders that just plain work. No more surges – no more jamming – no more leaking. Multiple flow rate adjustment points allow you the flexibility to easily control the flow of whatever material you are moving.

  • Steel deck, belted and hybrid rubber/steel belts
  • 2-70 ton per hour flow rates
  • 6 yard, 12 yard, 16 yard, 30 yard hopper sizes
  • AR liners standard on most models

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Get more out of your downstream by sizing your products better. U.S. Conveyor has rotary trommels built to meet that task. US Conveyor offers a diverse range of screening apertures sized to correctly put all your material where it needs to be. We build our trommels to the highest quality standards including fully machined barrel rings, long lasting solid core wheels, re-enforced tube frame and AR lined entry chutes.

  • 40″ – 120″ barrel diameter
  • Hole size 9/16″ to 8″
  • Multiple screen stages
  • Round, Hexagon or Octagon tube shapes
  • Quickly replaceable screens on hex and octagon models
  • Perforated plate or wire mesh
  • Friction wheel & chain drive options
  • Proprietary Polyurethane hi-load support tires
  • Dust covers and hopper options available
  • Cleaning brushes optional
  • Support stand options to suit
  • Optional interchange panels

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Specialty Conveyors

US Conveyor has a long history of working with its customers to develop very specific conveyors for very specific applications. Please browse our list of specialty conveyors below and if you do not see the specialty conveyor that you need, contact us and let us know your criteria. We are dedicated to building the right machine for the right job.

  • Specialty Conveyors
  • 20′ and 40′ container loading systems
  • Picking stations
  • Radial stacking conveyors
  • Ultra duty shear downstream conveyors
  • Split feed conveyors
  • Undermill steel deck conveyors
  • Reversing conveyors
  • Poker Picker conveyors

Contact us today and let us know your specialized needs and we will work with you to make your concept a reality.

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    About Us

    US Conveyor Technologies, located in Mackinaw, IL, was founded in 1988 by Kent Graves. Our staff is an experienced and growing team working together out of a 40,000 sq. ft. factory. US Conveyor Technologies is not simply an equipment fabrication company. We are a complete system design firm ready to help you design the right system to meet your individual needs. Our staff has a combined knowledge base of over 100 years in the recycling industry and we are ready to take on your project, no matter how big or how small!

    US Conveyor Technologies always strives to stay ahead of the competition in all ways. That is why we use the latest in technology and design concepts to deliver cutting edge material handling equipment to our customers. Below are some of the ways we are revolutionizing the industry to better serve you.

    3D Laser Scanning – With more and more customers upgrading existing metal recovery systems, 3D laser scanning is a powerful tool. We have the ability to precisely scan a system and design new equipment to install seamlessly into the existing equipment. Less guess work – less downtime – seamless installations

    Design Software – US Conveyor designs in both 2D and 3D CAD at the preference of the customer. We use the latest technologies in CAD software to make sure that your equipment is designed to install easier, operate safer and maximize ergonomics.

    Research and Development – Unlike our competitors, US Conveyor Technologies has a dedicated research and development team that works together with our current customers and at our own facility to test and refine our conveyor designs. 3D printing has also become an important part of our prototyping phase to test fit and proper operation before production.

    Some of our customers include Scrap Yards, Recycling Facilities, Electronic Recyclers and Heavy Metal Recyclers.

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    • Systems
    • Complete Downstreams
    • Magnet Separation Systems
    • Trommels
    • Belt Conveyors
    • Radial Stacker Conveyors
    • Picking Stations
    • Shredder Infeeds
    • Infeed Conveyors
    • Vibratory Conveyors & Feeders
    • Vibrator Conveyors
    • Oscillator Conveyors

    We provide nationwide and international service and have a long standing membership with ISRI Institute of Scrap Recycling.

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